December 26, 2012

Chaingun Demon

My first ZDoom Monster is a mix of the Pinky Demon and the Chaingun Guy. A rather sloppy sprite edit, I basically just copied and pasted some pixels. But I'm still proud of this monster, as it has some unique features which took me quite a while to code (I never wrote any DECORATE code before).

(to keep it simple, I'll just copy&paste my post from the Realm667 forums, and I'll do this for all other released monsters and items)

Name: Chaingun Demon
Difficulty: Medium
Connection: Blood Demon
Summon: ChaingunDemon
Melee: Only if below 100 hitpoints
Distance: Hitscan, only if above 100 hitpoints
Type: Demon, Cybernetic
Brightmaps: Yes

Submitted: DeVloek
Decorate: Carnevil, DeVloek
GLDefs: Sandypaper, DeVloek
Sounds: Id Software
Sprites: Id Software
Sprite Edit: Neoworm, Vader, DeVloek
Idea Base: a Pinkie with a hitscan attack / Mauler Demon

A cybernetic Demon with a chaingun in his mouth. He is based on the Blood Demon and has the same total amount of health. He shoots a salvo then runs a few steps before shooting again. After loosing 2/3 of his health, he drops the chaingun. When he is finally free of the machine that his hellish superiors implanted in his mouth, he rushes towards his victims to feast on them. When he is close enough, he will attempt another leap at the abhorred target and goes into a biting frenzy. His melee damage is a bit higher than normal, chaingun damage is default.

This is my first monster for ZDoom and I'm quite happy with him. Criticism is still much appreciated :-)


Download Link:


  1. I like this guy because he makes the cyborg sprites make more sense now, IMHO. Hard to believe he was your first effort.

    1. Writing his DECORATE took me a very long time... but thanks to the ZDoom Wiki and the nice people at Realm 667 it wasn't all trial-and-error. Having basic experience in some scripting languages helped too.
      As for the sprite edit, I guess I could do better. I'm not too happy with how the barrel looks in some of the 45° frames... but sometimes I'm very lazy so this is the final version ;)