December 28, 2012

Shootable Impaled Humans

Back in the day, one of my first DeHackEd experiments was to make the impaled humans shootable. First I simply made them bleed when hit, then I added a death sequence, which was the same as the Zombieman death. No sprite edits at all, but in-game it looked kinda cool. This mod is a re-make of the old one, with actual sprite edits, and it also adds a twitching variant of the dead impaled human.

When I saw ItsNatureToDie's Impaled Guys Pack, I remembered one of my old, long lost Doom mods which made the impaled humans shootable. This mod follows the basic idea, with much better results than before.

Name: Shootable Impaled Humans
Connection: None
Palette: Custom
Summon: LiveStick1, Deadstick1, LiveStick2, DeadStick2
Ambient Sound: Zombieman pain
De-/Activatable: No
Destroyable: No

Submitted: DeVloek
Decorate: DeVloek
Sprites: id Software
Sprite Edit: DeVloek
Idea Base: One of my old mods and the Impaled Guys Pack

Adds a living variant of the Impaled Human (POL1) and a dead variant of the Twitching Impaled Human (POL6). All variants can be shot down or gibbed. They have less health than a Zombieman, and when they are down, the stick will block the way with a very low radius. The twitching variants make Zombieman pain noises when they hear you.

Sprite examples:

Download Link:

Note: When the impaled humans go down, an invisible "BlockingStick" actor is spawned. This is a work-around, as there is no DeathRadius property, only DeathHeight. Downside is, the blocking thing prevents the Archvile from resurrecting the twitching humans. If you think being able to walk through the sticks is an acceptable loss, just remove the lines that spawn the BlockingSticks and after you released the poor guys from their suffering, Archie will happily torture them once more.


  1. One of the things I've been doing in my Doom Upgrade mod (yes, that's shameless self-promoting) is to make some of the normally inanimate fixtures in the game into dangerous enemies (I have light fixtures that shoot lasers and I've recently replaced Commander Keen with something more "Doomy" and potentially hazardous). Maybe I could borrow this guy and have him spawn a Lost Spirit when he explodes?

    (Oh, BTW... I HATE captchas!)

    1. Of course! Do whatever you want with any of my mods, I only ask for proper credit.

      I have yet to check out your new Commander Keen replacement. As for the laser-shooting lights, I always hated them :p Especially when they are spawned in E1M1: Press forward = instant death.

      And I just turned off Captcha, now it's your turn to do the same on your blog ;)

    2. Captchas on MY blog? My bad; I had no clue that I had it turned on and nobody had ever mentioned it. It's off now. Thanks. XD