December 26, 2012


Welcome to DeVloek's DooM mods blog. This was formerly a blog for a few music uploads, but I decided to dedicate the (almost empty) blog to all the Doom monsters and items I made during the last months, and of course to current WIP projects. In the last few years, my favorite Doom port was GZDoom, so all my projects will require this port to run correctly.

The stuff you are gonna see here is not my first work for Doom. Back in the late 90s I started making Doom mods and maps with a few friends. We made a lot of single-player and death-match maps, as well as a few new weapons and monsters (nothing spectacular though). We were working on a 32-maps MegaWad for Doom 2 and were half-way finished, but then school and university got in the way and eventually we stopped working on our stuff. Unfortunately, all our work was lost during the years... Anyway, now I'm back in business! Thanks to fellow Doom fanatic Herculine, I decided to download all the tools necessary to make maps, monsters, items etc. and I already finished a lot of stuff, which will be presented here. Everything I do can be downloaded directly from my dropbox folder. Enjoy!

The place where I usually post my work is Realm667. As of today, only the forum is functional, the main site with the Repository doesn't seem to work yet (in case you missed it, R667 was down after a hacker attack, now the site is in the process of being rebuilt from scratch).


  1. Well, I can scarcely take credit for anyone loving a classic game that's already great or the tools and sourceports that make it even greater, but thank you for the mention. I look forward to seeing more cool stuff here because, as I've said before, I think you really have a knack for this.

    1. You really deserve the mention :) If it wasn't for you and your blog, I'd never have started with modding Doom.