December 30, 2012

D_DOOM remix

In 2008, I made a remix of Doom 2's music for MAP05 (The Waste Tunnels). The original tune is simply called DOOM, or D_DOOM for us nerds. D_DOOM was always one of my favorite tunes from the soundtrack. When I made the remix, I tried to give it a modern touch (ie. Dubstep), while keeping the "doomish" atmosphere. I also added some voice samples from the film The Doom Generation. Despite the title, the film has nothing to do with the game. Still, I think the samples fit the tune quite well.
I named the remix "Nuclear Waste" and released it under my music alias "Ear2brain". I also made a video with scenes from the russian post-apocalyptic film Letters from a Dead Man. I tried to upload it to Youtube, but it was instantly blocked by Lenfilm, the corporation which holds the rights to the film. So a direct download has to do until I can figure out how to embed the video on the blog.

Listen to Bobby Prince's original tune:

Listen to my remix:

Song Download Link: (mp3, 8.5 MB)

Video Download Link: (mp4, 88 MB)

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