January 2, 2013

Mutant Sphere

The Mutant Sphere is my first (and so far, only) power-up item. It started as a DECORATE experiment which didn't end like I wanted but the result was still satisfying.
I basically wanted to create a power-up that turns you into a mutant until you receive a certain amount of damage, and then transforms you back, leaving you with the same amount of health you had before the morph. This wasn't possible (maybe it is but I couldn't figure it out) so it just lasts for 60 seconds and your health is reset to a fixed value.
Also, I created new sprites from the Spider Mastermind face and the Soul Sphere, recolored some of the DoomGuy mugshots and retextured the punching arms.

Description from Realm 667 (which is back online but there still seem to be some security issues, caution is advised):

Name: Mutant Sphere
Type: Morph
Palette: Custom
Summon: MutantSphere
Use type: Instant
Duration: 60 seconds

Submitted: DeVloek
Decorate: DeVloek
GLDefs: DeVloek
Sounds: id Software, DeVloek
Sprites: id Software
Sprite Edit: DeVloek
Idea Base: Shrink Sphere, Hulk, Forced Evolutionary Virus

This Powerup turns you into a mutant for 60 seconds. You lose all your armor, you cannot pick anything up, and you cannot use any guns. The mutation increases your body size by ~14%. Even worse, you'll look really ugly. Being a mutant isn't so easy after all...
But don't worry, you still have your mutated fists! Your mutant powers make your attacks twice as fast. Each punch does 8 times the normal damage. Your skin becomes harder and you take only 25% of the damage.

Sprite examples:

Download Link:

Note: there are a few things I couldn't fix yet. I'm not really happy with the mutant sounds, right now it's just a low-pitched Doomguy voice with shitty fx in the background. Sounds awful.
The Inventory.PickupMessage property doesn't work somehow, although all pickup messages of other items work just fine, including custom ones so it isn't in my gamesettings. I made a workaround with a message printed in the middle of the screen.
I couldn't find a way to keep current health and armor when morphing/unmorphing. Your health is reset to 150 when morphing, and back to 100 (or whatever your DoomPlayer's Health value is) when unmorphing. Armor is removed completely. I hope there's a way around this...

As you see this version is not final, although it has already been approved at R667. I releasef this item anyway, it's pretty cool as it is and will probably be a nice addition to new maps if it's placed in a well thought out location (ie. not in a trap with hitscan snipers all around). I'll most definitly include this item in my own map project as well.

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